• Master's Degree (Mar. 88 - Feb. 90)
    Dr. Dohan Kim, Professor
    Department of Mathematics
    Seoul National University
    56-1 Shinlim-Dong, Kwanak-Ku
    Seoul 151-742 South Korea
    Research specialties: PDEs, Analysis.

  • Ph.D. Degree (Aug. 90 - Aug. 95)
    Dr. Jim Douglas, Jr., Compere and Marcella Loveless Distinguished Professor
    Department of Mathematics
    Purdue University
    W. Lafayette, IN 47907 USA
    Research specialties: Numerical analysis of PDEs, Finite element methods, Computational mathematics, Wave propagation, Porous medium problems.

  • Postdoctoral Research (Aug. 95 - Aug. 97)
    Dr. William W. Symes, Noah Harding Professor
    Department of Computational and Applied Mathematics
    Rice University
    Houston, TX 77005-1892 USA
    Research specialties: Seismic velocity inversion and data processing, Differential Semblance Optimization (DSO), Numerical analysis, Computational mathematics, Software engineering.
    Recent Prize: Honored for his work in seismic inverse problems, he received Ralph E. Kleinman Prize at the SIAM 2001 Annual Meeting.

  • Research Scientist (Nov. 97 - Aug. 98)
    Dr. Trilochan Padhi
    When working for Shell, I was pretty much inspired by him. I deeply appreciate his help and encouragement.

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